Adina (adina_mpj) wrote,

Happy Birthday !!!

OMG! I can'! believe Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Mitchell share the same birthday!!!!So awesome!!
I made this for Tumblr ...

Also happy birthday to justmyb0nes(i know your birthday is tomorrow but i'll be super busy so just that i don't miss it) and jeebs83 hope you girls have a wonderful day you fully deserve it! *hus*

In case you were wondering what i've been up to lately....well i've gone to the movies a lot, cause there are all sorts of film festivals in town...and everything is for free...i've got a Helix piercing, changed the color of my hair, bought a Bon Jovi ticked for July 10th and planed every second of my April vacation in Belgium.

Fandom wise i have a lot of catching up to do....i barely manage to keep up with Fringe and Community...
Tags: fandom, rl, words

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