Adina (adina_mpj) wrote,

here to bore you

For the past week i've been like a little robot. Work.Home.Sleep.Work.Home.Sleep.Work.Home.Sleep....i think i'm gonna end up hating my job if they continue makes work in an 11 hours more overtime hours pretty please!!!

Fandomwise i've started to watch MAD MEN...why is this show so awesome?!!Season one was peach perfect!I love the characters, i love the subject, the period!!! Oh boy all the men and women where gorgeous back in that era!!
On True Blood...holy shit the Eric/Pam scene was intense.I want their relationship to be explored more, maybe get some flashbacks. Is it too much to ask? That is pretty much with all i was left after last night episode ...i don't know why but the other stories kinda leave flat.

Also sorry for not replying to comments and being a bad LJ friend in general....i keep trying to change that ...doesn't seem to work :(
Tags: rl, tv: mad men, tv: true blood

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