I miss old LOST fandom days...

That have been said and speaking of fandom, well to be more precise tv shows, i have two new weaknesses Suits and Downton Abbey, witch i'm currently watching and find terribly addictive!

And in case you're interested HERE  are some Avengers  icons.

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This summer has been lets say this is the main reason i haven't posted much here.

I haven't been mia 100% from LJ thanks to magicmachine. Battles,challenges that place keeps me busy as much my time allows...

So here is my latest icons...check out the post HERE

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My books have arrived...well from Monday actually...XD
So basically what they've done here in Romania, except of Game of Thrones who recently appeared in one volume, they split the other three books of the series in 2 or 3 volumes...that explains the amount of books in the pic.
I'm excited to start reading them, but for now i want to finish the book i'm reading at the moment...and then i'll dedicate my self to this series.

Also PIMPing...check this awesome icon post -> magicmachine

Game of Thrones

My new obsession is Game of Thrones... i love it so much that i decided to read the books and i ended up buying the whole   A Song of Ice and Fire series!!! I just couldn't help my self...they had this big promotion and all the books were 40% off from the original price ...



Finally!! my icon post in more than 5 month...gushh

[36]Multifandom Icons (Lost, Fringe,V, The fall, Despicable Me, X-files)

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more HERE

Happy Birthday !!!

OMG! I can'! believe Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Mitchell share the same birthday!!!!So awesome!!
I made this for Tumblr ...

Also happy birthday to justmyb0nes(i know your birthday is tomorrow but i'll be super busy so just that i don't miss it) and jeebs83 hope you girls have a wonderful day you fully deserve it! *hus*

In case you were wondering what i've been up to lately....well i've gone to the movies a lot, cause there are all sorts of film festivals in town...and everything is for free...i've got a Helix piercing, changed the color of my hair, bought a Bon Jovi ticked for July 10th and planed every second of my April vacation in Belgium.

Fandom wise i have a lot of catching up to do....i barely manage to keep up with Fringe and Community...